Meet the Candidates: Hilary Bresnahan School Committee

My name is Hilary Bresnahan and I am running for school committee on May 21st.  As a parent of two Holliston Public School students, and a frequent volunteer in our schools and on the soccer field, I’m excited to offer my experience in education to the district.   I graduated with a Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University, and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I’ve served as a teacher, instructional coach, district leader, and Leadership Coach with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  My 20+ years of  experience in education would be an asset to our community in meeting the three primary functions of the school committee:

1) Appointing individuals to specific district leadership positions.

As a Leadership Coach with DESE, I have experience providing relevant and actionable feedback to leaders- a key role of the school committee as they evaluate the superintendent.  My experience in various roles in education and understanding of district management would support me in understanding the progress the district is making in its strategic plan and provide feedback to our district leaders focused on continuous improvement.

2) Establish educational goals and policies for the district in accordance with state and federal laws.

As a state and district leader, I have deep experience interpreting and implementing federal, state and local policies to support equitable experiences for our students and ensure the protection of their civil rights.  I’ve worked closely with school and district leaders across 27 Massachusetts school districts to understand and implement educational policies.  

My partnerships with districts have focused on leveraging their data to develop action plans based on their strengths and areas of growth.  When working with a district, I always enter that partnership with questions rather than answers, and would approach a position on the school committee in the same way.  The teachers, district and school leaders, students and families are the most valuable voices in identifying the district’s educational goals.  I hope to support their efforts by offering my expertise and ensuring that all student groups are represented in the goals and policies established by the district.

3) Review and approve the school budget.

In partnering with districts across MA I have been able to help identify grant opportunities that match their educational goals and mitigate the burden on taxpayers.  Recent Holliston Select Board and School Committee meetings have emphasized how tight our current school budget is, and will continue to be.  As a candidate, I feel fiscal responsibility is incredibly important to ensuring our teachers have the necessary resources to implement high quality educational experiences that reach all learners.  In the past, I have reached out to district leaders with grant recommendations that align with the district’s educational goals.  While funding resources are limited in Holliston, given our district size and student population, I have several ideas for supporting the district’s educational goals for new and existing projects within the current budget constraints. 

These are a few of the ways in which I can leverage my 20+ years of service in education to support our schools.  I hope to be a voice for our community and represent you on the Holliston School Committee.  Please vote on May 21st!

Thank you,

Hilary Bresnahan

Press Release