June 10, 2024 Town Committee Appointments

LouisAbramoWeigher for New England Emulsions
TravisAhernADA Coordinator
TravisAhernAffirmative Action Officer
TravisAhernAffirmative Marketing Construction Officer
TravisAhernChief Procurement Officer
TravisAhernConstruction Officer
TravisAhernContract Compliance Officer
TravisAhernMetroWest Veterans Service District Rep.
TravisAhernMunicipal Hearing Officer
TravisAhernTown Adminstrator
JanetAlexanderCouncil on Aging
MatthewAntoniolliWeigher for New England Emulsions
ChristopherAveryWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
JamesBarrettWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
SarahBatemanVeterans’ Agent (Director of Veterans’ Services)
KennethBelsonWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
RandyBickfordWeigher for Electronic Recyclers
LisaBorchettaDirector of the Senior Center
PatriciaBoydAlternate member of Envisioning Future Holliston
JasonBreslauAssociate Member of the Town Forest Committee
HerbertBrockertTrails Committee
GlenBrownEnvisioning Future Holliston
KathleenBuckleyHuman Resources Director
KathleenBuckleyAssistant Town Administrator
KathleenBuckleyWest Suburban Health Group Rep.
YvetteCainCouncil on Aging
GregoryCareyHousing Trust Board of Trustees
KevinCarsonWeigher for New England Household Moving & Storage
MichaelCassidyCommunity Emergency Response Coordinator
MichaelCassidyE911 Coordinator
MichaelCassidyFire Engineers – Chief
MichaelCassidyForest Warden
MichaelCassidyHazardous Waste Coordinator
MichaelCassidyMAPC Natural Hazards Mitigation Planning Team
FrankChamberlainHistorical Commission
DaveCharetteWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
HannahCiavarraWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
ChrisClaytonWeigher for Electronic Recyclers
EthanCoakleyWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
FrederickCoburnWeigher for New England Household Moving & Storage
SarahCommerfordKeefe Technical School Committee
EilishCoreyConservation Commission
DavidCraigWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
RichDavisWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
BryanDiGiorgioWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
ScottDowneyWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
JohnDrohanEconomic Development Committee
NancyDubinAgricultural Commission
PeterEaganAssociate Member of the Council on Aging
PeterEaganEnvisioning Future Holliston
Paul, Jr.ElderGas Inspector and Plumbing Inspector
SamElichaltWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
WilliamEricksonWiring Inspector
MarlineFineAlternate member of Envisioning Future Holliston
RobertFogartyAssistant Building Inspector
MalloryFraneschiAssistant Treasurer/Collector
ChinmayaGogineniEconomic Development Committee
R. ScottGonfradeConstable
CharlesGraceTraffic Advisory Committee
CharlesGraceWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
AlanGreendaleFire engineer – Deputy Chief
ElizabethGreendaleE911 Liaison
ElizabethGreendaleState Ethics Commission Liaison
DanielGriffithWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
MichaelGullaFire engineer – Deputy Chief
TimothyHeneyWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
ChristopherHeymannsCustodian of Tax Title
ChristopherHeymannsTreasurer & Tax Collector
JerroldHilliardWeigher for New England Emulsions
JoanneHulbertTown Historian
AlexanderHulmeWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
MarkKaferleinInspector of Buildings
MarkKaferleinTrails Committee
JamesKeastHistorical Commission
AlexanderKeefeWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
GaryKeithWeigher for Electronic Recyclers
JeanineKelly-CoburnWeigher for New England Household Moving & Storage
IsaacKingWeigher for Electronic Recyclers
JackLeWinterAlternate member of Envisioning Future Holliston
JaredLindrosTraffic Advisory Committee
JohnLoftusWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
ZachLuczykAssociate member, Golf Course Advisory Committee
ChristopherMustardWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
SnehaNarayananConservation Commission
JonNeuburgerCultural Council
UtahNickelConservation Commission
GitaPatelTown Accountant
GuillermoPalenciaWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
RyanParentWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
BarbaraPeatieEnvisioning Future Holliston
Ann MariePilchOpen Space Committee
DomenicPorcelloWeigher for New England Emulsions
StaceyRaffiTraffic Advisory Committee
StaceyRaffiEnvisioning Future Holliston
SumedhaRathnayakeCultural Council
JamesRayWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
SeanReeseDirector of Public Works
JonathanRemkusWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
RichardRosenberryEnvisioning Future Holliston
DebraRuf-CarsonWeigher for New England Household Moving & Storage
ViktoriaSadlovska AnshuAlternate member of Envisioning Future Holliston
LouisSakinSealer of Weights anf Measurers
MichaelSarsfieldGolf Course Advisory Committee
PaulSaulnierCommunity Preservation Commission
KatieSeekerHistorical Commission
StevenScottWeigher for Electronic Recyclers
AnnieSinghEnvisioning Future Holliston
TimothySmithGolf Course Advisory Committee
BenjaminSparrellEnvisioning Future Holliston
MatthewStonePolice Chief
JayTalermanTown Counsel
JoshuaTammaroWeigher for New England Emulsions
ChadThompsonWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
DavidThornEconomic Development Committee
RichardTwomeySMOC Representative
RobertWalkerDeputy DPW Director
RobertWalkerTraffic Advisory Committee
DonaWalshAnimal Control Officer
MatthewWaughWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
RobertWeidknechtTrails Committee
MichaelWoodsWeigher, Measurer, & Surveyor of Commodities
JosephZacchilliAssistant Plumbing Inspector
JosephZacchilliAssistant Gas Inspector

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