Holliston Lions Induct 2024 – 2025 Officers

Lions Clubs year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year. The Holliston Lions Club brings their nominations to the Board of Directors in March of the fiscal year. Once accepted by the Board, the nominees are then voted by the Lions Club membership at their April Meeting. Once this is accomplished, the new officers are sworn in at the May meeting. At the June meeting “the passing of the torch” occurs. Here’s the slate of officers for the 2024 – 2025 Lions year:

  • President – Lion Chris Gaboriault
  • 1st Vice President – Lion Jocelyn Gaboriault
  • 2nd Vice President – Lion Doreen Martel
  • Secretary (Recording) – Lion Debbie Kerrigan
  • Secretary (Reporting) – Lion Doreen Martel
  • Treasurer – Lion Betty Harris
  • Directors with one year remaining – Lion Chris Christos and Lion Bill Drowne
  • New Directors (2 year terms) – Lion Mike Tyman and Lion Trish O’Neill
  • Membership Chairperson – Lion Linda Ahronian
  • Marketing Chairperson – Lion Penn Young
  • LCIF Chairperson – Lion Mark Ahronian
  • LEO Coordinators – Lion Louise Kirkpatrick & Lion Mike Tyman

Penn Young

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