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About Us

Who Are We?

We, Chris and Yvette Cain, are the new publishers of the Holliston Reporter.  It is our mission to provide impartial reporting on all facets of life in Holliston as a service to our community.

We consider ourselves fortunate to live in Holliston, having moved from Cheshire, CT, the summer of 2016, to be closer to our grandkids.  The community welcomed us at every turn, as we sought avenues for involvement in our recent retirements.  We quickly assessed the extra benefits of living in a small New England town and immersed ourselves into all it had to offer.  We continue to find unlimited diversions; for a small town, Holliston offers a surfeit of interesting and engaging people, places, events, and activities.

In the fall of 2018, a short piece of writing in the Holliston Reporter attracted our attention, and Chris answered Bobby Blair’s plea for reporting assistance.  Shortly thereafter, when Bob made known his desire to semi-retire, we discussed the possibility of taking over the reins.  The premise “Local Reporting by Local People” had hooked us. Equally, the idea that our publishing the Holliston Reporter might be the outlet to “pay back” the town for the warm welcome it had granted us, we accepted the challenge.

We owe much to the capable and substantial foundation provided by Bob Blair and Paul Saulnier (who in semi-retirement continue to contribute to the Reporter), along with Bill Tobin and Ann Talbot, who together in 2008, created a new hyper-local online daily newspaper known as HollistonReporter.com.

Additional thanks are due to Mary Greendale, Nancy Farrell, Matthew Payton, Doreen Martel, Paul Deschenes, Pat Maley, Ken Robinson, and Ellin Austin for their continued work behind (and within) the scenes.  We are confident that others among the community will become contributors as writers, photographers, advertisers, and otherwise cheerleaders for the HR.

We are humbled by the opportunity to deliver information on all facets of life in Holliston to its present and former residents, friends, and families.

Chris and Yvette Cain

January 2019

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