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About Us

Nearly four years ago we moved to Holliston to be closer to family. We are very fortunate to live in this wonderful community – not only for family – but for the many friends we have made in our short tenure here.

An unforeseen benefit included the opportunity to acquire the Holliston Reporter. In our first year as publishers, we’ve learned what a local treasure HR is for the town - enjoyed by nearly 6,000 readers every day.

As publishers of the Holliston Reporter, it is our mission to provide impartial reporting on all facets of life in Holliston as a service to our community. Through this avenue, we’ve been able bring local news and happenings to residents on a daily basis by immersing ourselves in the community’s many and varied events and meetings. During our transition period, we saw firsthand the civic, social, and educational importance of bringing “local news by local people” to the community. 

A look back at 2019:

Bobby Blair, Paul Saulnier, and Mary Greendale made our transition very smooth as we learned the ‘newspaper’ business – contributing content, tips, historical perspective and connections to reliable sources for Holliston happenings. Their dedicated work and their work ethic have set a high standard we strive to follow. THANK YOU!

Thanks also to: Nancy Farrell, Doreen Martel, Paul Deschenes, Pat Maley, and Ken Robinson for continuing their roles as writers, photographers, and editors. Ken Henderson, and interns Matt Ristaino and Hannah Catlin joined the merry band of contributors during the past year putting their perspectives of Holliston into ‘print.’

October 1, 2019 was a big day for the Holliston Reporter. Thanks to the efforts of many, the move to a 21st century computer platform happened rather seamlessly so that when you logged in for your daily dose of Holliston news – it was there (pretty much). We have tweaked the site since its ‘grand opening.’ That work will continue in 2020.

A look ahead into 2020 (the year of perfect vision!)

We are still working to archive the posts that were housed on the original site. Those more tech-savvy than we two may one day provide a translation of our history of Holliston, built by those on whose shoulders we stand. We are researching grant funding for potential support of this effort.

We are constantly looking for more ideas and contributors…the community has much to offer, and we can only cover a small portion of Holliston’s vivacity.

We are confident that community members will contribute as writers, photographers, advertisers, and otherwise cheerleaders for the HR. There is always a place here for more writers and reporters.

For readers, the Holliston Reporter is only a click (or two) away. But to maintain that click, we are indebted to our advertisers. Advertisers are the life-blood of the Reporter. Their financial support maintains the technical assistance required to deliver (free to you) daily local news. We hope that everyone consults our advertisers’ page and patronizes their establishments. You, too, can thank them for keeping the Holliston Reporter alive.

We are humbled by the opportunity to deliver information on all facets of life in Holliston to its present and former residents, friends, and families, wherever they may be.

Chris and Yvette Cain

January 2020

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