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Who's Next?

Almost 5 years ago, we learned that Holliston’s dedicated news outlet, the Holliston Reporter, would soon, like so many other news sources nationwide, exit the community. We chose to step up and continue the Reporter as a retirement project.  As recent transfers to Massachusetts at that time, we hoped to gain (rather selfishly) an understanding of the town’s workings and its residents.  Through our acquisition of the Reporter and during the 4+ years of our production run, we have obtained the knowledge we sought and made a small but—we hope—meaningful contribution to the community.


Today, we announce our retirement as publishers of the Holliston Reporter no later than August 31, 2023. We are hopeful that successors will emerge, and we invite all interested editors/publishers to contact us.  Keep in mind that both of us were inexperienced in all aspects of producing news for a community.  We offer our assistance in the transition process. (Email pubs.holliston.reporter@gmail.com for details.)


Publication of the Reporter paved a path for us to meet many wonderful people who live, work, and volunteer here.  The donation of our time to this news blog has benefitted us more than readers can imagine. Our tenure encompasses events both joyful and challenging, but throughout we have been bolstered by the goodness and potential of Holliston. 


We will share more details as they become known to us.


With heartfelt thanks to our town wide collaborators, our readers and writers, and especially to our advertisers, all of whom have made our tenure possible.


Yvette and Chris Cain