Holliston Youth Basketball – Playoff Edition

On behalf of the Holliston Youth Basketball Board (Tom McHugh, Kevin Quinn, Michelle Friedman, Jason Cooper, and Derek Cordon) we would like to thank all the coaches, players, and parents for all their support this season.  We know that players aren’t showing up to practices and games without rides and we know they aren’t improving their game without some great coaching.  But most importantly, we would not have the joy of cheering from the stands each week without the players who put in the effort and time!  Thank you to everyone that was involved in making this basketball season a success.   

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Holliston Youth Basketball – Week 12

This past weekend were the last games of the regular season.  We found out that we owe a congratulations to the teams who went on to be division winners – congrats!  All the Holliston teams are making final preparations for a deep playoff run.  Please note that we will be posting a playoff recap special on Tuesday March 8th right here on the Holliston Reporter.

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Holliston Youth Basketball – Week 11

This week we had teams with multiple games and teams on bye weeks.  We saw some incredible individual stat lines – 20+ point scorers, players draining threes, blocking shots, etc.  But the most common theme we are seeing is the teams are coming together.  Perfect timing for everyone to make a deep playoff run.  We will keep our fingers crossed. 

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