Real Estate Sales – September 2019; Part 1

This new format of reporting real estate sales looks back to the previous month. Some of the sales listed below may have also been reported in Bobby Blair’s articles. We will be posting the previous month’s real estate sales on the second and fourth Fridays of each month.

206 CONCORD ST                                                      $440,000     

                                 Seller                   Alexander and Mark Rossini

                                 Buyer                  Dependable Home Solutions LLC

10 GREENVIEW DR                                                    $566,000     

                                 Seller                   John, Alice LF, and Alice L McCallum

                                 Buyer                  Kimberly Foley                   

29 PIEDMONT DR UNIT W47                                $535,000     

                                 Seller                   Kenneth and Emily Lumm

                                 Buyer                  Darrell and Joanne McLaughlin

16 BROOKVIEW RD                                                   $256,640     

                                 Seller                   Annmarie and Paul Frasso

                                 Buyer                  Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust

                                                               Residential Credit Opportunities Trust

29 HILL ST                                                                     $25,000       

                                 Seller                   Paul Zonghi                         

                                 Buyer                  Shiloh LLC Tr. and 29 Hill Street Realty Tr.

108 MARILYN ST                                                        $410,000     

                                 Seller                   Mark Anthony Finnegan

                                 Buyer                  Emily Fitch                           

719 PRENTICE ST                                                       $360,000     

                                 Seller                   James and Jeanne Holland

                                 Buyer                  Eusebio and Checia Gonzalez

392 ADAMS ST                                                           $350,000     

                                 Seller                   Norma Intinarelli               

                                 Buyer                  Jason Intinarelli                  

713 NORFOLK ST                                                       $689,900     

                                 Seller                   153 Neponet LLC 

                       Buyer    Justin G Roy

Chris Cain


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