Downtown Lights (two types) On the Select Board’s Agenda

Following a very successful celebration of Holliston’s first Humanitarian Awards, the Select Board got down to their weekly business meeting.

The first order of business was to approve the weekly payments.  This week’s warrant totaled $1,668,971.07.

Public Comment:

Board Member Tina Hein reminded everyone that the first Traffic Advisory Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov 19th.  She also shared an overview from a recent meeting regarding the installation of solar panels on the old land fill.  Also, Holliston Girls’ Soccer beat Medway 3 – 0.

Board Vice Chair John Cronin mentioned that he would be visiting the next Fincom meeting to solicit a member to join him in compiling a role and responsibility proposal for a Chief Financial Officer position.

Board Chair Mark Ahronian congratulated Donna Kramer, Christine Chabot, and Matt Putvinski on being named this year’s Humanitarian Award winners.  Also, Holliston’s Varsity Football team has made it to the league championship game.

Town Administrator Jeff Ritter congratulated the Board of Assessors on passing next year’s tax rate.  The Tax Classification Public Hearing will be part of next week’s Select Board meeting.

Holliston is looking for a volunteer to join the MWRTA board.  Interested parties should contact Mr. Ritter.

Holliston received a $12,500 grant which pays for the consultant fees incurred on the solar panel project.

Seven resumes have been received for the new Facilities Manager position.

Mr. Cronin asked Mr. Ritter to bring a sample(s) of a sustainability job description to next week’s Board meeting.  Mr. Cronin does not want Holliston to fall behind in its search for this part-time consultant.

Mike Pompili and Bob Smith, from McMahon tranportation present their prelimniary report

Downtown Lights – Traffic:  Mike Pompili and Bob Smith from McMahon Transportation Engineers, and Planners presented their preliminary report to the Board.  The draft report can be viewed at Holliston Traffic – November 2019 Report.  The report puts forth 8 actions for the town to consider.  The ideas include revising signals (including a left-turn arrow from Washington St onto Hollis Street) and / or modifying lane striping to improve through traffic flow.  It is interesting to note that traffic through the downtown corridor as decreased since the lights have been installed – where have all those cars gone?  Mr. Smith pointed out that traffic flow is much like water – it seeks the easiest path.

One proposal to create a right turn lane from Washington onto Hollis
Kevin Conley presents some ideas and observations from Medway’s recent traffic work on Route 109

The Board and Kevin Conley had questions and suggestions for the McMahon engineers.  Mr. Pompili and Mr. Smith will take those comments back and revise the report to present these alternative and the expense associated with each.  Mr. Cronin expressed his ‘financial fatigue’ related to this issue.  The cost to benefit data in the next McMahon should help see how / where to spend any future funds.  Also, Mr. Cronin asked Mr. Ritter and Town Planner Karen Sherman to see what grant monies might be available for future traffic work.  No timeframe was given for the delivery of the revised report.

Downtown Lights – Festive: Mike Tyman, from the Downtown Lights project, sought the Board’s opinion about adorning the three dogwood trees along the sidewalk north of Town Hall adjacent to the cemetery for the upcoming holiday season.  The Board supported the idea.

The Board also approved the placement of a lighted Menorah in front of the Town Hall.

Marshall Street residents asked for speed limit signs to be placed along their street.  The Board has asked for HPD input about what the speed limit should be and where are the best locations to put the signs.  If that information is available in time, the Board will take action next week.

The town’s Conservation Agent requested a Conservation Restriction on an 8-parcel property off of Concord Street.  The property is being developed by Fafard.  The Board unanimously approved and signed the Restriction.

Mr. Cronin asked Mr. Ritter to check in on the contracting for door work at the Pinecrest Clubhouse.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23pm.  The next meeting is Monday, November 25, 2019.  For those planning ahead – there will be a Select Board meeting on December 23rd but NO meeting on December 30th.

Chris Cain


  1. Hillary Freeley on November 20, 2019 at 7:50 am

    Holliston High School’s Girl’s Varsity Soccer’s (HHSGVS) 3-0 win over Medway earned them the MIAA Divisional Title! This is the first time SINCE 1995 that HHSGVS has earned this distinction!! A fabulous accomplishment for Holliston and HHSGVS! The team will play on Sunday, 11/23 at 12:15pm at Worcester State College for the STATE Divisional title!

  2. Bill Littlefield on November 20, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    So we paid the consultant to engineer the lights and traffic flow. Now they need to fix what they sold us? Anyone could have told you that 3 lights in a row would slow down traffic during peak times. What are we paying for exactly?

  3. Alison Malcom on November 26, 2019 at 6:39 am

    Traffic has increased on highland st for one. It’s a nightmare most times of the day with cars whipping past the High school. Now next to impossible to pull out of prentice especially in the morning. Also many people just run the red at hollis and Washington. Down there on hollis and I count no less than 4 cars
    Each morning on Washington that run the red.

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