To Till or Not to Till? – A Gardener’s Perspective

From Upper Charles Climate Action—Fred Cunningham

Please join us for an informative evening about no-till farming and gardening and the benefits of leaving your soil where it is. Bigger harvest, less work!

Richard Robinson, operator and owner of Hopestill Farm, Sherborn, will explain no-till farming, no-till gardening at a UCCA (Upper Charles Climate Action) Eventbrite evening, Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

No-till farming or gardening is one more way to help save the planet.  No-till is an agricultural technique that avoids turning the soil for planting.  This process increases the amount of water and organic material in the soil and avoids erosion. The technique is being used on large farms, but it can be just as effective in small gardens.

Robinson says, “No-till is an alternative to the standard approach to soil prep and weed management in both gardening and farming.”  No-till makes less work for the gardener and also helps with carbon reduction.  Unturned soil stores carbon.

Robinson will discuss the “why’s” and the “how’s” of no-till farming.  He is on the board of the Northeast Organic Farm Association (NOFA).

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Sponsored by Upper Charles Climate Action and your Sustainability Coordinators, Matt Zettek, Gino Carlucci and Dorothea Von Herder.

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