Civics Sunday: Meet Chris Heymanns, Holliston’s New Finance Director

Chris Heymanns

On December 29, 2022, Mary Bosquet retired as Treasurer / Collector after 30 years serving Holliston.  On Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Chris Heymanns became Holliston’s Finance Director – Treasurer / Collector.

Recently, the Publishers caught up with Mr. Heymanns at his desk in Town Hall.  He graciously welcomed us into his bright enclave to share about himself, his reasons for coming to Holliston, and what ideas / goals he has for Holliston’s future.

Mr. Heymanns grew up in western Massachusetts and graduated from UMass Amherst.  He spent several years in the finance / investment industry, working his way up to the senior management ranks.

Heymanns shifted gears and looked to use his experience, skills, and talents in municipal service.  His career change took him to Hopkinton, where he served as Treasurer / Collector for the past three years. 

He shared that Holliston’s opening was very attractive because of its dynamic leadership team, strong financial status, conservative investment approach, and existing fiscal policies / procedures.  Mr. Heymanns has his eye on the long-term capital plan and how to best finance the many projects on the horizon.

Mr. Heymanns spoke about his welcome onto Holliston’s team starting with the Select Board, Town Administrator, Asst. Town Administrator, and the Finance Committee. He looks forward to working with the team in the years to come (although he doesn’t think he will make it to the 30-year mark like his predecessor).

He looks forward to modernizing some of the processes in his department and revitalizing some of the programs for assisting with tax payments. 

Mr. Heymanns lives in Framingham with his wife, who is part of the Planning Department in Lexington. 

We couldn’t leave without a reminder that quarterly tax payments are due on Wednesday, February 1, 2023.  Tax bills can be paid online at -> Online Property Tax Payment Portal

For the Tax payment schedule and FAQ’s click here -> Property Tax Information

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  1. Jacqueline Dellicker on January 29, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    Welcome Mr. Heymanns. Hope Holliston will live up to your expectations! Jackie Dellicker

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