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Celebrate Holliston’s Board of Directors are pleased to announce this year’s recipients,

Richard Ball and Doreen Martel.

Richard Ball (better known as Dick) has lived in Holliston for over 45 years with his wife, where he raised his two adult children and one grandchild. He has worked at Holliston Hardware and Holliston Oil for over 20 years. 

What makes Dick so special is the joy he brings to so many young people in town.  When his daughter was young, he coached little league and was very involved in Holliston’s sports. But, he will always be remembered for the years of Holiday and Christmas magic he has brought to Regal Street (and the town) with his light shows and street-long holiday rendition box displays that are updated and created yearly. 

In addition, as an avid “train man” and enthusiast, he has helped to create, maintain and coordinate the Waushakum Live Steamer Trains in Holliston.  During the summer months, these events allow hundreds of kids (and adults) free rides on their miniature trains.

Dick is a “one-of-kind gentleman” who truly exemplifies Holliston’s Citizen of the Year.

Doreen Martel has lived in Holliston since 2007.  She moved here after her three children married and moved away. She currently works as writer and editor for legal and financial websites and blogs, in addition to handling the publishing of the Holliston Reporter.

She began her volunteer career as a child “candy striper” volunteering at local hospitals and “the volunteer bug” never left her. She is an active member of the Holliston Lions, serving as their President, then became Zone Chairperson and finally as District Governor for all of MetroWest.  In this capacity, Doreen volunteered with multiple food drives (especially during the start of the pandemic when she facilitated the delivery of literally tons of produce to families in need), clothing drives, and also crochets hundreds of hats and “squares” (used to make blankets) to provide to shelters in the MetroWest area. She has been honored many times with Leadership and Lions Presidential Awards. Moreover, helping those who are visually impaired, Doreen coordinated the Braille Literacy initiative to assemble and deliver Braille books to those who otherwise could not afford them.

Doreen is also a member of the Holliston Newcomers and was Secretary to the Massachusetts District 33 Boy Scouts. Working to help those struggling with food insecurity, she is responsible for delivering countless senior and veteran lunches in Holliston, and organizes Christmas Eve dinners to those who are in need over the holidays.

As this year’s Citizen of the Year, Doreen illustrates so many of the characteristics that make the ultimate Holliston volunteer.

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  1. Steve Bradford on September 16, 2023 at 11:10 am

    Congratulations to Dick and Doreen. Well deserved. Welcome to the club.

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