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We are your vital source of information about Holliston with multimedia programming that supports and strengthens our community.  

How are YOU connected?

  • Live and recorded coverage of high school sports and arts
  • Live and recorded coverage of town government meetings
  • Current, informed coverage of the people, organizations, and events in Holliston

This summer, we produced 106 new shows including: Lions Carnival, Pride Day Picnic, Spencer and Penny Celebration, and SportView Media Day. This fall, don’t miss a minute of Holliston High School Football with Tom and Jay!

  • Program topics are created around you, your interests, and the need to source reliable information.  We can help you write a script, take the video, edit, and produce your ideas.
  • If local Holliston news and local sports are important to you, join our volunteer group. We can help you write a script, take the video, edit, and produce information, games, and events.
  • Holliston Hub- HCAT is NOT just on cable TV.  You can access our award winning, timely, and entertaining content on:  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and our website. 

Celebrate Holliston by stopping by the Holliston Hub -HCAT booth, meet our people, have fun making a video, and get great swag!!!

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  1. Paul Saulnier on September 22, 2023 at 7:54 pm

    And now there is Word Wizard, a game show for Wordle fans and for folks who don’t play Wordle. Word Wizard is much easier the Wordle as 4-letter and 2-letter words are are sought after by two teams of two people on each team. So sign up and show the world how smart you really are.