Creating Ambience

Former Police Commissioner William Bratton of Boston and then of NYC used the Broken Windows Theory to help bring crime down in that city. Simply put disorder brings crime.

Ambience is described by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the character of a place or the quality it seems to have”.

Over the past few weeks workers for the American Legion Post 47 Downtown Marigold Project have been busy digging out large clumps of irises along downtown sidewalks. Those not replanted in place found a new home along the newly installed guard rails along Washington Street on either side of Linden Street. The rhizomes also made their way to the new guard rails along lower Hollis Street.

On Saturday September 16th a handful of volunteers donated time and their vehicles to help install over 350 chrysanthemums at selected spots around town. While the historical society is one of those spots, they elected to forego the plantings until Monday as the fear of newly planted mums being trampled the day before the harvest fair crossed their minds. Gooch’s Corner, Blair Square, Central Burial Ground, Congregational Church, Hollis Street, Casavant Realty, and the Mobil Station all received a new fall look. Two thousand daffodil bulbs are on order to complete the fall plantings.

A huge shout out to the volunteers – Lixie Carey, Ed Mason, Dennis Prefontaine, Kris Westland, Dick Morse, Tom Blair, Shaq Lively, Melissa Beers & Company, Clare Connors and E Gonzalez for their efforts. The hanging baskets in East Holliston and the square will come down the day after Celebrate Holliston. It’s all about community folks.


Bobby Blair


  1. Paul Saulnier on September 20, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    The Mayor also donated Mums to beautify the property of the Historical Society which were planted by society volunteers on Tuesday.

    Thanks Mayor.

  2. Andrew Goldberg on September 20, 2023 at 10:11 pm

    I appreciate the reference to broken window policing. As someone who lived in Brooklyn in the 90s, it was inspiring to see the brave officers of the NYPD turn the city around by addressing what seem like smaller issues. Modern day progressives have titled them “quality of life concerns.”

    The pride you have in this community is similarly inspiring, and we appreciate your efforts to keep Holliston clean, safe, and a strong and healthy community.

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