First Responders Honored at Town Hall

You would have to be at least 26 years of age to have any recollection of the events on September 11th, 2001. Honoring local first responders is a way of remembering those who perished on that tragic day by honoring those who continue to put themselves in harms way or to save lives. On Sunday September 10th the local American Legion Post #47, held their 15th annual ceremony to a full house in upper town hall.

Making the presentations were Chairman of the Select Board John Cronin, Rep. James Arena DeRosa, Legion Adjutant, Walter McGrath, Police Chief Matt Stone, and Deputy Fire Chief Alan Greendale. Legion Commander Ron Turcotte read the actions of each awardee.

Those honored included for the Holliston Police Department:

Sergeant Matthew Waugh (Life Saving Award)

Sergeant Todd Hagan (Police Commendation Award)

Officer Timothy Heney (Life Saving Award)

Officer John Loftus (Life Saving Award)

Officer David Charette (Police Commendation Award)

Officer Charlie Grace (x2) (Life Saving Award (x2)

Officer Alexander Hulme (Police Commendation Award)

Officer David Craig (Police Commendation Award) 

Dispatcher Shannon Tuttle (Letter of Merit)

For the Holliston Fire Department:

Capt. Keith McKeown

EMT Tyler Chipman

EMT Sarah O’Connell

Lt. Rich Coughlin

EMT Paul Coffey

Paramedic Ronda Matson

Fire/EMT Alexander Porter

Telecommunicator Lori Robes

Congratulations to all recipients.


Bobby Blair

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