Sue Bavey has been awarded the Gold Medal for Non-Fiction: Biography in the
Reader’s Favorite Book Awards 2023 for her book Lucky Jack (1894-2000).

The award will be presented at a ceremony in Miami, during Miami Book Week in

Lucky Jack (1894-2000) is the biography of Jack Rogers who lived from 1894-2000 and
is written by his granddaughter, writing as S. Bavey. Such a long life saw him live during
the reigns of six British Monarchs, survive two World Wars, and become a media
sensation in his later years in Lincolnshire (UK) as he shared his memories of a life well
lived in a regular column in the local newspaper.

Sue said, “Jack would be laughing out loud at winning this award just for talking about
his life. He never saw his life as anything special, but it was. He lived every day to the
fullest. I was lucky to have a grandfather who loved us and wanted to instill his sense of fun
in all of us.”

Sue Bavey is an English Mum of two from Lincolnshire (UK) who has lived in
Massachusetts since 2003. The Covid lockdown gave her the chance to write about the
amazing life of her grandfather, Henry John Rogers, also known as “Lucky Jack”.

She followed this with “Daydreams and Narcoleptic Nightmares” compiled from writings
and poems by her father.

She has had a number of stories published in various anthologies.

She is now working on her next book: Kookaburras, Cuppas and Kangaroos, which
follows her mother’s adventures in Australia in the 1960s.

For further information please email Sue at or visit her
website which has photos of Lucky Jack and more information about her books, as well
as book reviews and author interviews at

“Lucky Jack (1894 – 2000)” is available to buy at Fiskes and Aesops Fables or from Amazon at: there is also a copy in the Holliston library),


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