Police Host Veterans at Breakfast

The Holliston Police Department hosted town veterans at Anthony’s on the Green Wednesday morning at 9 am.  After the pledge of allegiance and an opening prayer by VFW Chaplain Ron Turcotte Police Chief Matt Stone welcomed the crowd of veterans and police officers.

Past Legion Commander Steve Bradford noted that this was the fourth appreciation breakfast, the first being held in the Johnson room at the police station, the next two at the Historical Society barn.

Lt. James Barrett

Chief Stone next introduced Lt. James Barrett who came to town from the Wrentham Police Department. Many of the veterans could identify with Barrett’s speech. Barrett said his first year at college was not successful. His dad asked him what he was going to do. Barrett said he didn’t know, and his dad said let’s take a ride. The first stop was at the Marine recruiting station where Barrett said he was overqualified. The next stop was at the Air Force recruiting station where he was under qualified. Barrett would serve as a Sp/4 in the Army and was deployed overseas during Desert Storm.

Lt. Col. (ret.) Julie Winston

Lt. Col. (ret.) Julie Winston was next up at the podium. Winston stated that she joined the military to be part of something larger than herself. Winston would go on to serve in Afghanistan in helping the Afghanistan government in finances. Winston is a true believer in community service and pointed out Steve Bradford as a prime example. How do we get the younger generation involved? Winston queried. I know my daughters got it, but my son, how do I get him off his I-pad.

It’s up to those who presently are involved to ask others to get involved, Winston said. Winston serves as a member of the town’s finance committee. The breakfast was wrapped up with a veterans/police photo op.

Bobby Blair


  1. Jerry Kiley on November 9, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    Good reporting Bob. I wish we had something like that in Wareham. I’ll pass it on to our Chief.
    We are a military family. I was Sgt. E-5 Army. My Stepson Dave just retired as a full Bird Colonel after 27 years in the Air Force and my Grandson Sean is on active duty as a 1st Lieutenant United States Marine Corp

  2. Bill Mullins on November 10, 2023 at 12:01 am

    Thank you HPD for keeping us safe

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