Per Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 56, the Holliston Select Board will hold a
public Tax Classification hearing on Monday, November 13, 2023, (CORRECTED DATE) at 7:00 PM in Room 105 at Holliston Town Hall and via the Zoom webconference platform.

The purpose of the hearing is to allow taxpayers the opportunity to present their views on
whether or not Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Open Space, and Personal Property should
be taxed with one rate for all property classes or to use different tax rates for different classes
of property. The Hearing will include a presentation by the Principal Assessor and Board of

At the conclusion of the public hearing the Select Board shall determine whether or not “one”
tax rate shall be applied for the Fiscal Year 2024 (CORRECTED) tax rate. Currently the town taxes at a single tax rate for all property classes. In addition, the Select Board will determine whether or not to
allow exemptions for open space, for small commercial businesses and for owner-occupied
residential properties. All concerned taxpayers are encouraged to attend to present their views
orally or in writing.

Interested citizens may present oral feedback at the hearing, or may send written comments to
the Select Board in advance of the hearing (by 4:00 PM on the day of the meeting) to If there are questions about the hearing prior to the meeting,
please contact Principal Assessor Kevin Rudden or Assistant Assessor Sherrie Bates in the
Assessor’s Office at 508-429-0604.

To join the Select Board’s meeting via Zoom, go to:
and enter 24680 for the password. You can also join by phone by calling 1-646-558-8656, then
enter Meeting ID: 878 4910 5750 and, when prompted for password, enter 24680.

During the public hearing, the Select Board Chair will recognize the remote audience. Those
interested in commenting or asking questions can use the “Chat” function on Zoom, or use the
“Raise Hand” function found under the “Reaction” button. If participating remotely via phone,
when invited to add Public Comment, press *9 to indicate you would like to speak. Once
recognized by the Chair of the Board you must use *6 to unmute (the Zoom moderator will
automatically mute all participants when they join).

John Cronin, Chair
Tina Hein, Vice Chair
Benjamin Sparrell, Clerk

Kevin Rudden

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