November 2023 Real Estate Sales

Last month I indicated my intention was to start doing Real Estate Closings on a weekly basis. This works out great except when you have corrupted the files you needed to work on the YTD numbers. It’s taken me a while but I’ve recreated them and starting next Monday you WILL see them every week. With that in mind, here’s a recap of the remaining sales in November:

Property: 251 Gorwin Drive Sold: $1,150,000
Seller: Kirsti Frazier & Jonathan Adler Trusts
Buyer: Lisa Miracle & James Malone

Property: 14 Walnut Road Sold: $682,000
Seller: Barry A & Martha S Schneier
Buyer: Anaias A Itzep Hernandez & Yuly A Cordero Martinez

Property: 44 Burnap Road Sold: $210,000
Seller: Barbara E. Miles
Buyer: Sharon Arie

Property: 42 Westfield Drive Sold: $490,000
Seller: Christina Turcotte
Buyer: 12 Whitney Street LLC

Property: 623 Central Street Sold: $627,500
Seller: Margaret Rowe Trust & Rowe Family Trust
Buyer: Susan & Mark Bruno

Property: 1575 Highland Street Sold: $850,000
Seller: Glen & Lisane Devane
Buyer: Mose Attias & Ann Debra

Property: 3 Norfolk Lane Sold: $530,000
Seller: Heather Costabile, Estate of Mary Janet Burros, Laurie, James & John Midley, William Kraus
Buyer: Karin E & Greg A McEwen

Property: 83 Hanlon Road Sold: $686,000
Seller: Daniel C & Linda S Freedman
Buyer: Haven Construction Management Inc.

Property: 219 Shaw Farm Road Sold: $645,000
Seller: Elizabeth Emerson/Estate of Susan M. Warren
Buyer: Casey & Polina Sefton

Property: 1282 Highland Street Sold: $715,000
Seller: Jason & Emily Taylor
Buyer: Hun & Pauline Kim

Property: 65 Bradford Jay Road Sold: $500,000
Seller: Philip J Berman Trust & Berman Revocable Trust
Buyer: Harutyun Sahakyan

Property: 851 Washington Street Sold: $560,000
Seller: William C. Newell
Buyer: M & J 851 Washington LLC

Property: 167 Dalton Road Sold: $800,000
Seller: Thomas & Virginia Cotter Trusts
Buyer: Keith & Anmanda Poutier

Property: 125 Brooksmont Drive 40 Sold: $740,000
Seller: Ronald & Patricia Hayes
Buyer: Cynthia Matthews

YTD Totals and Prior Years

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Doreen Martel

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