Police Log: 1858 – 1872

Crooked politicians, Holliston Bummers and unhappy neighbors. Some things never change.

ASSUMING AN OFFICE HE DID NOT HOLD. In the U.S. Commissioners’ Court this forenoon, Cordial Crane, of Holliston, was brought up, on remand, to answer to a complaint charging him with falsely representing himself to be an Internal Revenue officer, and so obtaining money.

A proper Sabbath stillness reigned in the vicinity of the common last Sunday evening – in view of the fact of the presence of officers who have received instructions to arrest any persons found disturbing the peace.  The conduct of many people here of late has been most scandalous at this place of rendezvous.

The Framingham Gazette August 7, 1872.

June 7, 1873 – (West Medway) – Your Holistic correspondent must not be too particular about visitors from other towns, and must receive as good as he sends; for it has long been a noted fact that the worst cases our authorities have to deal with, are “”Holliston bummers.”


June 21, 1873 – On Sunday the Joice family, consisting of Thomas 1st and 2d, Patrick and Michael, with the McMannamee family, Peter and Owen, sided by the friends of each, engaged in a first class row. During the melee, Owen was severely pumelled and Peter had a piece of his lip bitten out by one of the cannibalistic Jones’. It produced an ugly wound; but was so neatly repaired by Dr. Hitchcock, that when healed it will leave scarcely a trace. 

In 1873, Clark Travis, Esq., offered 25 acres of land near Metcalf Station to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to build a prison.


The following verse can be found inscribed on the wall of our lockup:

Beneath the Town House we are thrown,

The have barred us in with iron and stone,

And here we lay with fright and fear, 

Because we broke Jack Tyler’s chandelier.

The Framingham Gazette August 13, 1873

Paul Saulnier

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