Meet the Candidate: Damon Dimmick Select Board

My family and I chose Holliston as our home over a decade ago, and each year has deepened my commitment to our community’s future. As an experienced executive in technology and business management, I am running for the Select Board to bring innovative solutions and strategic growth to our beloved town.

With a career as a senior executive managing product management, design and user experience at major corporations, I bring a wealth of experience in budget management, strategic planning, and team leadership. I have led large, cross-functional teams, overseeing multi-million dollar budgets and spearheading initiatives that cut across organizational silos to deliver substantial improvements in productivity and efficiency. My proven track record in negotiating and organizing complex projects with multiple stakeholders ensures I have the skills to effectively manage the town’s strategic initiatives and foster a collaborative environment.

The next three years are a critical moment for Holliston, as we stand on the brink of significant growth and revitalization. It is essential that we harness this potential through positive, practical efforts that expand and enhance our community in meaningful ways. With thoughtful leadership and a clear vision, we can ensure that our town not only grows but thrives, maintaining our cherished small-town charm while embracing new opportunities for our residents and businesses.

My areas of focus include:

Strategic Infrastructure Development: My vision includes prioritizing and completing key infrastructure projects crucial for our community’s growth and sustainability. This includes the downtown business zone sewer project, repairs to the Woodland Street bridge, rebuilding the DPW facility, and securing state funding for the much-needed rebuild of our high school. These initiatives are essential for supporting our community’s development and ensuring that Holliston remains a vibrant place to live and work.

Master Planning of Future Growth: I am committed to collaborating on a master plan that outlines our path towards sustainable growth over the next few decades. This plan will focus on enhancing our commercial tax base, reducing reliance on residential taxes, and leveraging our position to attract businesses that align with our community values. We will ensure that our downtown retains its beautiful, small New England character with a variety of lifestyle choices, avoiding the pitfalls of generic commercial development.

Fostering a Business-Friendly Environment: Reducing barriers and streamlining processes for businesses to invest and thrive in Holliston is a top priority. We will continue to creatively utilize Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to attract new businesses and promote Holliston’s favorable tax profile. Additionally, we’ll capitalize on the seasonal Rail Trail traffic that brings direct economic benefits to our downtown. I plan to enhance signage, improve pedestrian accessibility, and host events that draw Rail Trail users into our town center, further revitalizing Holliston. We must work to incentivize and attract low-traffic businesses like small-scale assembly operations, artisanal manufacturers, technology and life science companies, professional training facilities, and other businesses that fit our town’s character.

Investigating Solutions for Downtown Congestion: Building on the foundation laid by Tina Hein, I aim to continue exploring provisions of the Complete Streets initiative, which focuses on making our streets safer and more accessible for all users. By addressing traffic congestion and enhancing pedestrian safety, we will improve the quality of life and support our local businesses, making downtown Holliston a more attractive destination.

Emphasizing and Embracing Diversity in Our Community: I am deeply committed to embracing and capitalizing on the diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich our community across nationalities, ethnicities, socioeconomic, religious, and educational differences. Having led accessibility initiatives at my former employer, Diligent, where we were pioneers in promoting DEI, I will ensure these diverse voices are heard and valued, enhancing our community’s vibrancy and resilience.

Join me in making a lasting impact on our community. I am eager to serve you and ask for your vote on Tuesday, May 21, to help bring Holliston into a promising and prosperous future.


Damon Dimmick

Press Release