Meet the Candidate: Tracey McSherry, Candidate for Holliston Select Board

My husband and I chose Holliston for our home when we saw the natural beauty of the farmlands and had a calzone at a certain family-owned restaurant. Now, 15 years and two daughters later, we have truly experienced what a special community this is.  I’ve seen the completion of the rail trail and now get to enjoy running or cycling daily with friends and family.  We knew from that first day that this is where we would raise our family.  

This is a pivotal time for Holliston.  The strategic plan provides a guide to becoming the small town with a big heart that we strive to be.  At the same time, the town is facing several pressing capital improvements which threaten to strain our budget.  I am running because we need someone level-headed, fair, and passionate to ensure our town continues to grow and thrive for years to come.

I’ve worked as an Operational Capacity & Planning Manager for nearly 10 years.  In this role, I have managed the capital budget for Biotherapeutics Development at a large pharmaceutical company which has often involved negotiating with various departments and prioritizing requests based on a variety of factors.  For large investments in new technologies, I have worked with project teams to develop proposals to secure funding. This has involved evaluating risks and benefits, exploring alternative options, and getting the project team aligned with each other and the department strategy.  

Anyone who knows me knows I listen to all sides, I am fair, balanced, open to learning about my growth areas, and I trust the experts.  I am also passionate about the well-being of our town and all of its residents.  My business experience in working with both people and money as well as an MBA from Boston College make me well-prepared to jump in and guide Holliston through the challenges and opportunities we’ll all face.

As a member of the Select Board, I will lead Holliston to a bright future, specifically in the following areas:

  • Increase our commercial tax base to ensure our long-term financial health and growth.
    • Our Rail Trail can bring more than 2,000 visitors to town on a single weekend.  With a little promotion, we can direct these customers to our existing (and future) businesses, revitalizing our downtown while retaining the small-town character and charm.
    • Reducing obstacles and fees to businesses looking to invest or re-invest in town.
    • Bold ideas for underutilized industrial parks.  Could these become lab space for life sciences companies or satellite office space for companies fleeing the high real estate costs in Boston and Cambridge? Let’s explore all of our options!
  • Make Holliston a leader in Diversity Equity & Inclusion so we can leverage the unique strengths and gifts of all our residents and future residents for everyone’s benefit
    • On the Select Board, I will hold us accountable to the promise in the strategic plan to establish an advisory committee to perform annual equity audits of all town policies
    • Many people say that Holliston is welcoming, but people from underrepresented populations in town feel differently.  I will seek out and listen to the voices of these individuals to learn how to change that experience for them. 
    • When considering a decision, I’ll consider the impact it might have on all of our town’s residents, including those who are not at the table, who we don’t often see in positions of decision-making power.
  • Promote environmentally sustainable practices to preserve and protect our natural resources for current and future generations.
    • Improve access to electric vehicle charging spaces to encourage the use of clean energy in town (allocate parking spaces in municipal lots and near rail trail)
    • Utilize grants to install solar panels on municipal buildings to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs
    • Encourage property owners to reduce carbon emissions through community outreach and grants

I have loved living in this town and want to see Holliston continue to grow and shine.  

I am looking forward to serving you and I hope to earn your vote on Tuesday, May 21.

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