Shredding Day 2024

On a bright April 27th morning, Vesta Real Estate Group welcomed over 220 carloads of residents to come by the High School parking lot to shred documents. We are amazed at the turnout that we continue to get at this event, but after 12 years of hosting it around Earth Day, many people count on it as an annual cleanout. 

Cars patiently waiting their turn wound their way throughout the High School parking lot, waiting to have the 1 shredding truck chew through the boxes of old tax returns, bank statements, and receipts. As can be the case, the best laid plans for the 2nd shredding truck didn’t happen until halfway thru the morning. Once the crew arrived with the additional machinery, we made quick work of the remaining visitors! 

The staff of Vesta Real Estate Group thank the guests for their cooperation in working through the long lines, as well as the Kindergarten soccer clinic that was being hosted at the same time and place! The terrific coaches of the clinic worked together with Vesta to make sure everyone got to their destinations. 

The generous community raised over $1900 to be donated towards the new Metrowest YMCA project being built in Ashland. Our town will get great use of this regional location! Special thanks again to our consistent sponsors of this event in order to keep it as a free event: Edward Moloney of Equity Resources, Pino Law Offices, Affordable Junk Removal, Sandra Hodgdon of Brown & Brown Insurance, and Guy Oliver of Affordable Mold Services. 

See you at the 13th annual in 2025!

Ed Daniels


  1. Steve Bradford on May 8, 2024 at 1:19 pm

    Thank you Vesta for doing this.

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