They’re Back! The HR Archives from 2008-2019 That Is

Yes, after a few months out in the electronic abyss, the 14,000 articles published on the original site have been made accessible.  Thanks to much hard work by Phil Saulnier, Paul’s son, the old files are now retrievable by anyone who needs to visit some classic material.

There are two ways to access the Archives.  The first is to use this link -> Archives: 2008 – 2019  (you might want to save this link as a Favorite on your web browser). The second way is to click the link on the current home page as illustrated below.

Whether you use the direct link or the link on the Home page, a separate web window will open that is illustrated below.

From this page you can look for archives in three different ways as highlighted below: By Author (Bobby Blair leads the list with 2,984 articles!), or by Title using the search window, or by selecting the Category.

We would also like to point you to the ‘About Us’ page.  There you’ll find a message from Bobby Blair, Paul Saulnier, Bill Tobin, and Nancy Farrell.  This message is an important piece of Holliston Reporter heritage.

These archives are sponsored by the Holliston Historical Society and their site can be accessed by clicking on their name in the yellow box.

We hope that you will find what you might have been looking for these past few months – we have already tapped into this important resource. 

Again, this wouldn’t have happened without Phil’s exceptional work.

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