Civics Sunday: Meet the Candidate – John Cronin

Fellow residents, I am running for re-election to the Select Board with the hope of continuing to seek solutions that would improve our quality of life. 

With over thirty years of public management experience working in senior management positions for the Commonwealth as well as over twenty-three years in various elected and appointed roles here in Holliston, I wanted to bring my skills to seek collaborative and sustainable changes. 

Three years after being elected to the Select Board, I and the Board have managed to navigate a pandemic, and the impact it presented, to keep everyone safe and informed.  Yet despite this unprecedented public health emergency, we’ve made significant progress with the passage of several initiatives that provide a solid base to build upon including;

Our water and public infrastructure.  The Town approved three initiatives to improve our water and public infrastructure.  These studies will give the Town proposals to;

  • accelerate the water pipe replacement program
  • find new well water sources
  • plan for new sidewalk infrastructure that would open safe passage from our neighborhoods to the core businesses and center of our Town.

 Sustainability Coordinator position.  We created this position to help Holliston become more environmentally conscience and to use natural resources more responsibly.  This role has helped us source renewable energy options for consumers of energy and expanded the curbside pick-up of compostable waste.  We’re also poised to accept the new solar array project at the Town transfer station that will provide almost $500,000 in new revenue to our Town!

 Facility Manager position.  Our new Facility Manager has quickly assessed all Town owned buildings and has begun identifying projects to maintain these assets.  This role, in conjunction with the Sustainability Coordinator, has also performed energy audits on natural gas and electricity services that resulted in a combined savings of over $85,000!

If re-elected, I will focus on three goals;

  1. Continued infrastructure improvements.  Our Town-sponsored studies will be delivered in 2021.  We will have the chance to examine the impact and cost of improving our infrastructure and to present meaningful solutions for these long-needed and critical projects.  These projects will improve the quality of our water supply delivery system, roadways, and sidewalk system.
  2. Evolve our governance and management model.  It has been almost thirty years since we have made any attempt to improve the way we govern ourselves.  Using local volunteers with extensive experience in public sector management coupled with state-assisted experts on financial management processes, we must identify ways to streamline the delivery of services to provide more effective results for Holliston.
  3. Stability in governance.  While I am just finishing my third year, I am the senior person on the Select Board.  I ask for your vote to serve another term to provide continuity and experience to ensure our new Town Administrator and residents receive the most effective leadership our citizens deserve!

It has been an honor to serve you!  I look forward to serving you for another three years to improve our quality of life.  I ask for your vote on May 25th!  Thank you.

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  1. Ron Pope on May 2, 2021 at 2:07 pm

    Holliston is in good hands; you have my vote.

  2. Paul Loscocco on May 5, 2021 at 9:15 am

    John is a great guy, extremely well qualified, and someone who cares deeply about our community. We are very fortunate to have him representing us.

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