Governance Committee Charts Its Course

On May 27, a beautiful Thursday afternoon, the Governance Committee (GC) met to discuss a working plan for its future course of action.  Residents joining the meeting included HFD Chief and Director of Emergency Management Michael Cassidy and Finance Committee member Dan Alfred. Chair Sam Tyler called the remote meeting to order just after 5 PM, and the GC made short work of approving meeting minutes from March 18 and April 22 and 29.

GC Chair Sam Tyler

Tyler explained that the shared working plan was not a “total plan,” but rather included sections that were not linked and could be dealt with in any order.  The members proceeded to use the “straw man strategy,” providing immediate feedback and reworking each idea.

The suggested timeline used Town Meeting dates—these being the points at which recommendations concerning completed focus area study would be presented.  As discussion was energetic and lively, the following sketch partially represents the possible focus areas the four present GC members discussed. They also noted that these areas would be reassessed following each Town Meeting.

October 2021 Town Meeting:

  • The selection and position of the Principle Assessor of the Board of Assessors;
  • Capital Planning Committee—(part of the GC sponsored Article 9 of the May 2021 Town Warrant); and 
  • Formatting of the Omnibus Budget.

May 2022 Town Meeting:

  • The Town Administrator position recommendations;
  • Town Clerk position recommendations; and
  • Possible recommendations from the MA Division of Local Services Technical Assessment Bureau report (or possible inclusion in Town Meeting following).

October 2022 Town Meeting:

  • Review of Article III – The Select Board

May 2023 Town Meeting:

  • Town Moderator position recommendations;
  • Recommendations based upon the Municipal Modernization Act

Based upon the May 2021 Annual Town Meeting, GC members also exchanged views on the process for making future recommendations and presentations.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:29 PM. 

Yvette Cain

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