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Revival Training in Holliston’s Village Plaza opened its doors in early May.  It is the latest business to find its way from the creator’s home to a brick-and-mortar presence following the pandemic.  Dana Balejko, founder and trainer, shares her passion for fitness with a clientele reflective of all levels of experience. 

The initial idea for Revival Training began when a group of friends and neighbors met for fitness training with Dana at her home space.  This diverse gathering of friends developed into an encouraging community, and they kept coming back. Those involved saw that as they built their friendships, they also improved their health and fitness.

Interior space (Photo: Sarah Owen Photography)

When space became available in town, Dana jumped on it, designing the space to fit her needs.  The newly-renovated facility has come a long way from the screaming ornamentation of the former ice cream shop.  With decor almost as tranquil as that of a yoga studio, and an open floor space uncrowded with extensive equipment, the large room welcomes rather than intimidates. 

Dana Balejko Photo:  Sarah Owen Photography

A collegiate soccer player with years of running experience—including several marathons—as well as  participation in several competitions demonstrated Dana’s passion for athletics.  But after a series of injuries, Dana began to investigate a more balanced approach to fitness through strength training in combination with functional cross-training.  This balanced approach to exercise helped her to avoid injury and develop into a  more well-rounded athlete.

With Dana’s “functional fitness” philosophy, clients not only build cardio endurance, but also find ways to enjoy exercise.  Specially designed programs focus on moving through High Intensity Interval Training. “Much can happen in  20 minutes of high intensity interval training,” Dana tells me. 

Dana creates a different workout daily.  Sometimes it involves teamwork; sometimes the focus is working out alone.  Dana trains a “Run Club” comprised of people of all levels of experience, from the newbie to the experienced runner.  “They all come together and get a good workout,” according to Dana, “and create a supportive community.”  Her mantra is Everyone has a strength and weakness.

Kathi Hothem (Left) and Dana

Kathi Hothem, a Revival Training trainer, explained that the “workout of the day” includes a thorough demonstration at which time moves are broken into components so that clients can perform each action safely and efficiently. There’s a low impact cardio warm up and a stretching component.  Each workout can be modified for any fitness level. 

Classes will be capped at 10 members each beginning in the Fall.  Presently, some adjacent outdoor space provides for adequate distancing.  The Run Club may have up to 20.  Since as the facility’s back yard is the Holliston rail trail, clients can enjoy the best of two worlds.

The future may bring a specialized program for 5K training, nutritional education programs, and core-specific classes.  As Dana is anxious to share her passion with the Holliston community and continue to build friendships, why not check out the offerings for something that’s your style:

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