Marigold Project Back for Another Year

There are no days off between March and November for the Downtown Marigold Project. Sometimes it’s as simple as watering seedlings for 20 minutes in early spring. Other times it’s the 4 hours spent watering hanging baskets downtown during a dry spell.

I like to think of the Marigold Project in terms of filling in emptiness with color.  Law enforcement has the saying of “see something – say something”, my personal saying is “empty space – plant something”. We have a great main street here in town compared to many neighboring communities. Yankee Magazine once compared Holliston only second to Newburyport in terms of its main street character.

The whole purpose of the Marigold Project is to enhance that character by providing colorful aesthetics. The plantings also provide a calming effect, especially for those stuck in traffic. As we begin our 2022 program, there are new “empty spaces” to be conquered. Last year we simply planted the planters at CVS, Casey’s, and Bertucci’s as they were barren.

One thousand red tulips were planted last fall and provided the deer or woodchucks don’t seek out a spring treat they should be blooming along Washington Street in six or seven weeks. The entire Marigold Project is a grassroots effort and entirely supported by you the residents of town.

If you feel you can help, simply mail us a check made out to the Downtown Marigold Project at 57 School Street. 

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Bobby Blair

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  1. Kriss Westland on March 22, 2022 at 7:01 pm

    Thank you for all that you do, Mayor! The flowers look lovely when in bloom.