On Turning 300

In honor of Holliston’s 300th Anniversary in 2024, a small committee is assembling historical facts and personal stories about the days since 1950, which is when Holliston began its transition from agricultural community to what we are today.

According to the census data collected locally each year, our population nearly doubled in 10 years and then doubled again the next decade.

Put another way, Holliston grew by 8,363 people in the 20 years between 1950 and 1970. In the 52 years since 1970, we have grown by 3,295 people – give or take, that’s 659 people every 10 years or 66 people each year.

What, you say? They are building houses in every corner of town!!

Well, that’s part of the story we will tell in the history of Holliston since 1950 – the changes in lifestyles, demographics and family sizes, housing patterns, land use, government, the people and the economy. We’ll talk about everything that played into those changes from outside town, the impacts (good and bad) inside. And we’ll share personal observations and stories from the folks who were/are here.

There is a common thread throughout the 52 years. Holliston has a community spirit with a robust population of volunteers. We will honor that history as well.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (subject to change.) What do you remember about any of our history?

  1. Looking back to the Beginning (1724)
  2. Growth & Development Post WWII
  3. Government – structure, actions and inaction
  4. Commerce – Industrial & Commercial
  5. Downtown – the historical and community center
  6. Schools
  7. Neighborhoods
  8. Community Organizations, Activities & Celebrations
  9. Sports – school and other
  10. Dark Days – Holliston and Beyond
  11. Faith Organizations
  12. Open Space and Recreation
  13. People of some fame – here and after
  14. Veterans

We Want Your Stories

Whether you arrived three years ago or were born here decades ago, whether you live here now or moved away…we would love your story. Some questions to get you thinking:

  • When you talk about “Holliston as home,” what is it you tell others?
  • Why did you move here or stay here?
  • What’s your favorite place in town?
  • What’s a favorite memory?
  • Funny, sad, serious, nostalgic – even unpleasant if that’s the truth – what do you have to say
    about Holliston?
  • What would you want future residents or genealogists to know about us?

We Need Your Help Truthfully, we need people to help with researching, editing, interviewing people, and writing. We have been at this since February and have made great progress, but we need to be ready for final printing and editing by August 2023.
We also intend to do an online History Archive that will house all Holliston’s history in one location on the Town’s website. For the website, there are no page limits, so we are open to all stories, news clippings, PHOTOS, and memorabilia. The goal of this site is to help genealogists who find that their ancestors lead them here for some point in time, not to just learn the facts but to hear the voices and stories, too.
We Are …
Bobby Blair, Cherie Hafford, Joanne Hulbert and Mary Greendale. Please join us. Contact mmgreendale@gmail.com (or any of us) with ideas, suggestions, questions and offers of help. Please.


Mary Greendale

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