The Time Capsule Mystery, Part 2

When we left our story, the DPW had unearthed a concrete object from the front of Town Hall.
We hoped it would include the time capsule from 1974…reportedly buried somewhere in front
of the building.

Alas…the blob of concrete was no clever cylinder filled with samples of art from the children of 1974. It was just a blob of concrete! It is safe to say that no time capsule exists under the lawn of Town Hall.

After exhaustive examination, including ground-penetrating radar scans of the entire lawn and
the excavation of the one unidentified object, all that rests there are skeletons that were buried
as part of the cemetery in the 1800s.

Now lest someone thinks that town government paid for the radar scanning JUST to find a time
capsule, stop! No! The Town needed to examine the front lawn for potential use in replacing
the septic system; seekers-of-the-time-capsule were just lucky to have benefit of that work.

Moving on, some former “kids” involved with the time capsule suggest that it was buried by the
flagpole at Miller. We will pursue that possibility, with fingers crossed. Stay tuned.

Mary Greendale

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  1. Dave Phillips on September 10, 2023 at 9:09 am

    The flag pole at Miller is what I remember too