Holliston High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Nominations are being received until October 20 th for the 2024 class of the Holliston High
School Athletic Hall of Fame. Six athletes, two coaches and two teams were inducted last
March in the Hall of Fame’s introductory class. Please see below for details:

Holliston High School Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Guidelines for Nomination: Athletes must have graduated at least ten years prior to
nomination; teams must be ten years removed from their nominated season. Coaches must
be five years removed from their final season unless the nominee is sixty or older, in which
case they can be nominated immediately. General contributors should have contributed
twenty or more years of service to Holliston athletics and/or be sixty years of age. Current
selection committee members and their immediate families are ineligible for nomination.
Criteria for Selection: Athletes will be considered based on elite achievement in one sport,
excellence in multiple sports, and representation of Holliston High School through
leadership, citizenship, and character.  Coaches will be considered based on a consistent
high level of achievement over an extended period of time, significant championships
earned, and overall positive contribution to school culture. Teams will be considered based
on outstanding records and significant championships won. General contributors will be
considered based on continued significant contributions to Holliston athletics.

You may include newspaper clippings, photos, records, statistics, and any other relevant
evidence to support your nominee. These can be sent electronically to the email below or
dropped off at Holliston High School ℅ the Athletic Hall of Fame. You may also include
achievements beyond high school as continued evidence of leadership, citizenship, and
character, but nominees will primarily be judged on their time at HHS. Please submit all
nomination information or questions to HollistonHoF@gmail.com or they can be dropped
off/mailed to the high school ℅ the Athletic Hall of Fame. Nominations are due no later
than October 20, 2023.

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