Work at Central Burying Ground Begins

Village Green Restoration, of East Falmouth, MA, began work on cleaning and repairing headstones in the cemetery next to Town Hall. Michael Gallagher, owner, is working with  James Keast, the town’s Facilities Director, on this and four other historical cemeteries in town where time and environmental conditions have damaged many stones.

The Holliston Historical Commission received Community Preservation funds from Town Meeting last year to undertake the work. In preparation, members identified the stones that needed attention. The work will primarily be to fix broken stones, reset stones that have tipped or toppled, and dry brush the lichen and dirt from them. In some cases, stones have been “embraced” by tree roots, and these will not be disturbed beyond cleaning.

The Committee decided not to use any cleaning solutions or solvents and will rely on mechanical methods. The project will take about two years to complete. The other cemeteries are in East Holliston on Washington Street, the west end of town across from Hopping Brook Industrial Park, in Brentwood, and one on Cedar Street. 

Mary Greendale

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