A Safe Town Meeting is Planned by Select Board

Friday evening, December 4th, the Holliston Select Board (below) held a brief but important meeting to review all the safety precautions in place to confidently hold a safe Town Meeting on Saturday, December 5th.

Before conducting the business, Board Chair John Cronin announced the passing of Vasco Brovelli, Holliston’s most recent Oldest Veteran.

Emergency Management Director, Fire Chief Michael Cassidy shared the most current COVID data as part of the Board’s discussion.

  • Holliston remains in the Yellow on the State’s COVID list
  • The positivity rate has ticked up to 4.16% (which is a result of about 100 fewer tests during the reporting period.
  • He is still Very Confident that the Town Meeting can be held safely.
  • He reminded everyone that we are guests of the School and need to be sure not to contaminate it by our presence
  • The cleaning service will clean and sanitize the area before the High School opens on Monday
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Compliance with all safety measures will be strictly enforced
  • If you have any COVID symptoms (or are quarantining), please do not attend

Below are illustrations of the arrangements in place to help maintain distance.  Enter the School be the Front Doors only.  Proceed to the check in following the arrows on the right.  Exit the building by following the arrows on the left back out the Front Doors. Cassidy thanked the HCAT crew, School staff, Chris Meo, and James Keast for their help getting the School ready for the meeting.

In the Auditorium, one-way traffic in is through the door on the left ONLY.  Seating is available in unmarked spaces only.  There are ample single, double, and triple (for family groups only) seats throughout the Auditorium to hold 140 participants.  The ventilation system will be working at full capacity all day. Given the weather forecast, it might be advisable for those participating to dress in layers.

Three stand microphones will be set up for use by speakers.  Please do NOT touch the microphones.

Exiting after the meeting will be controlled and be by section and row.

The Town Meeting Warrant includes articles that amount to nearly $5 Million in spending.  It is important for us to conduct a safe meeting and have civil discourse on the Warrant items as we decide the Town’s direction and activities.

Chris Cain

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