What’s Your Vision for Future Holliston?

The Envisioning Future Holliston Committee (Comprehensive Long Range Planning Committee) wants to hear from you! 

Please here to take our brief (5 minute) survey. Or, use the QR code below.

About Envisioning Future Holliston

Envisioning Future Holliston” (previously known as Comprehensive Long Range Planning Committee), was created from a Citizen’s Petition at the May 2021 Spring Town Meeting. This petition was born out of a need to have a Vision and out of that Vision, one comprehensive plan that links together the policies, plans and studies from the many Holliston boards and committees. The intent of the petition is to have Town Meeting (the townspeople) own this initiative and see it through to fruition.

Our 17-member Committee has been formed and we have begun our work.

Our charge for this year leading up to the Spring 2022 Town Meeting:

  • Look at our current data – this includes strategic plans, studies 2020 Census data, visions/mission statements from Town committees and boards, and reports;
  • Hear from every resident in Holliston via surveys, events, and forums;
  • Compile all of the aforementioned data and present a Vision Statement and recommendations for moving the vision forward at Spring Town Meeting.

Feel free to reach any member with questions, comments, or feedback to envisioningholliston@holliston.k12.ma.us!  This is definitely a town-wide effort.

We want to hear from you. 

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