Catching Up with February

It’s hard to believe that spring is around the corner – but then again, we are New England. Students have returned from a much-needed February break and are already halfway through the third quarter of coursework. 

For the month of February, I am highlighting the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). Olivia Mullen leads the club and shares her thoughts on the club’s role at the high school and community at large. 

Tell me about yourself/ How’d you get involved with GSA?

Well, my name is Olivia Mullen and I got involved with GSA when I was a freshman. I originally learned about GSA because a former student was super energetic and kind to me at the club fair, which attracted my attention. I already knew I wasn’t heterosexual at the time and decided to attend a club meeting to see if it would be a fun club to be a part of. 4 years later and I’m the club leader. 

What does the club do?

The GSA does a lot of different things as a club. Over the years I have been a part of the club, we have discussed many ways to support the club and our community, both within and outside the school. Sometimes we host fundraisers to donate money to local LGBTQ+ causes or use that money to secure transportation to LGBTQ+ related events with other GSA’s to discuss how we can better the community on a larger scale. We also put together media sources that both staff and students can access to further their education on LGBTQ+ matters. When we aren’t actively involved in a community based activity, we like to play games, eat snacks, and sometimes just talk. As a safe space, anyone is welcome to join and observe or open up and discuss anything, including sometimes personal issues. 

How is the club important?

GSA is an important part of the HHS clubs not only because it is a safe, supportive environment for members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community to help educate and assist our town and school in growing, but also because it sends a message to the surrounding community that our school and it’s people care about each other regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc. 

Is there anything exciting going on in the club right now?

Yes! Currently the GSA is trying to create an educational video for staff surrounding the topic of handling student-teacher interactions in an LGBTQ+ friendly manner. We are also brainstorming fundraiser opportunities and potentially a field trip to Provincetown Massachusetts! 

There have been a number of hate speech incidents this year, do you feel that the school community—administrators, students and teachers—have been responsive enough?

It’s hard for me to comment on how the school is handling the hate-speech incidents. Without knowing the motivation behind these incidents it is hard for the school to handle them in the ‘best way’. On one hand, the school has called in several speakers who have addressed the issues in different manners. On the other hand, if these incidents are fueled by a desire for attention, the school is only feeding into this behavior. While the school can’t necessarily do nothing about it, I get the sense that they are also struggling with how to address these incidents. I can say that since the first teacher-directed slideshow the school has taken student comments into consideration and made good changes to how they are communicating with the student body. 

What can the community do to be more involved with the club?

In short, learn. The best thing that anyone can do is be open to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community and all of its people. Being open to change is the first and the most important step in supporting the people in and outside of the school. Donating also helps as it allows us to educate others and give to LGBTQ+ organizations.

What is in the club’s future?

While the club itself doesn’t have a long-term goal besides making the world a better place, I will likely hope to pass it on to a very enthusiastic and talented member, who I know will continue taking the club in a positive direction. For the duration of this year though, I hope to continue assisting staff in managing LQBTQ+ related situations in a respectful and helpful manner and donate some more money to a charity for homeless LGBTQ+ kids and teenagers.

Administration News

As seniors await college decisions or are beginning their search for work opportunities, juniors are engaging in virtual college tours offered throughout the spring. The virtual tours facilitated by the counseling department provide an easy way to learn more about a variety of colleges and universities across the country. Back to school night was on February second, where parents met with students’ teachers to learn about their coursework for the third term.

News around HHS

On February 10th, the school was visited by presenter Mykee Fowlin, who did a presentation on how biases and stereotypes are harmful. He did this through playing different characters, all of whom struggled with some kind of societal pressure, and through anecdotes of his time growing up in Massachusetts. Theatre 370 held One Acts, which are a series of plays, four of which were written by students. The National Honors Society will be starting a new event, one where members put together supplies necessary for a birthday party. The supplies are then donated to the food pantry, where they’re distributed to families who need them.


Soon the community will catch glimpses of students running and getting back outside as we gear up for the spring sports season. 

Sports team Standings as of 3/13/2023:

  • Boys Varsity Baseball
    • First game: March 28
  • Girls Varsity Softball
    • First game: April 4
  • Boys Varsity Lacrosse
    • First game: March 31
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse
    • First game: March 28
  • Boys Varsity Tennis
    • First game:  April 4
  • Girls Varsity Tennis
    • First game: April 4
  • Boys Varsity Track
    • First meet: April 5
  • Girls Varsity Track
    • First meet: April 5
  • Girls Varsity Basketball
    • Going 9 wins to 12 losses
    • Last game: March 3 at HHS 
  • Boys Varsity Basketball
    • Going 4 wins to 16 losses
    • Last game: February 16 at HHS
  • Boys Varsity Ice Hockey
    • Going 2 wins to 15 losses and 1 tie
    • Last game:  February 21 at New England Sports Center Rink
  • Girls Varsity Swimming
    • Going 1 win to 8 losses
    • Last meet:  February 1 at Dedham Town Pool
  • Boys Varsity Swimming
    • Going 5 wins to 2 losses
    • Last meet:  February 3 at Dedham Town Pool
  • Boys Varsity Indoor Track
    • Going 4 wins to 1 loss
    • Next meet:  February 4 at Reggie Lewis Center
  • Girls Varsity Indoor Track
    • Going 3 wins to 2 losses
    • Next meet: Last meet 4 at Wheaton College
  • Boys Varsity Wrestling
    • Going 1 win to 7 losses
    • Last meet: February 1 at HHS

Thanks for tuning in! Time to see what the spring showers will bring with them. Looking forward to reporting on it. Catch you at the next one.

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